Last minute

Sometimes things have to be organised urgently for various reasons, sometimes because of unavoidable natural disasters such as earthquakes, ash cloud, strikes etc. and sometimes it is simply because clients leave it until the last minute to think about where they want to go.

As a personal travel agent, I often deal with both scenarios and that is one of my USP’s, anyway, last night was one of those nights where I had to deal with both at the same time, it seemed the phone didn’t stop ringing between 6pm until around 9.30pm

One client had missed his flight and eventually ended up being driven to Brussels by a friend and the other client decided that he would spend a few nights in Paris. Unfortunately this weekend the children break up from school for the summer holidays and it seems that trains, planes and automobiles are full. Luckily National Express had the foresight to put on extra coaches to keep up with demand and I ended up creating a tailor made package, out coach, back rail and a few nights in Paris for this weekend. This morning everything is ready e-tickets, vouchers, maps and directions.



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